Willach Pharmacy Solutions

Abbey pharmacy in Rotherham introduce Willach Triangle Workflow

Rotherham, 26.09.2013
2012, Andrew and Sally Porter decided to refit their pharmacy and wanted to use the opportunity to update their business. The challenge was to create a new, future oriented pharmacy concept to improve workflow and maximise efficiency. With the advice of Anderson Retail Consultants and Willach Pharmacy Solutions, the Porters have got a modern designed pharmacy layout with state-of-the-art technology and optimised workflow management. The whole concept is based on the WILLACH TRIANGLE WORKFLOW dispensary model. Equipped with a CONSIS.B3 robot and supplemented by FAMA pharmacy drawers, the whole team works now on the time saving and customer friendly FORWARD DISPENSING PRINCIPLE. After one year Andrew and Sally Porter say: "Forward dispensing is the key to success. The CONSIS robot improves safety and efficiency: waiting times are shorter and staff has more time to give patients the advice they need". Learn more about modern pharmacy design and efficient workflow management and take a look into the Abbey Pharmacy Case Study.