Willach Pharmacy Solutions


We provide inventive, space-saving and time-saving storage and dispensing solutions. FAMA Drawer and Shelving Systems and CONSIS Robotic Dispensers help you organise almost everything you stock in the most efficient way possible.

CONSIS Robotic Systems

  • CONSIS Robotic Systems offer a tailor-made and highly efficient automation concept for pharmacies, hospitals and medical care centres. Whether you want to save time or gain space: CONSIS has the right solution for your situation.
  • CONSIS Dose Systems are designed for filling unit-dose or multi-dose blister cards or medication pouches for individual patients, sorted according to the day and time each medication should be taken. The CONSIS.ATP is impressively fast with a small footprint.

    The optional CONSIS Pouch Inspector scans the filled pouches, checks their contents against the order and documents the results.

    Medication can also be inserted into blister cards with the optional CONSIS Card Filling Unit. The hybrid version of the CONSIS.ATP is even able to switch back and forth between filling pouches or blister cards.

FAMA Storage Systems

  • FAMA Drawers are the ideal solution for fast access to packages, with good visibility, excellent space utilisation when storing medicines and ergonomically perfect operation. No other system offers you drawers which can store more packages in the same space.
  • FAMA Shelves are designed for the systematic storage of medicine packages and medical items in pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, hospital wards and medical care centres. Their modular construction means you can create your own, entirely flexible configuration – endlessly adaptable whenever your needs change.