Willach Pharmacy Solutions

Showcasing hub-and-spoke in action at the Pharmacy Show 2017

Birmingham, 20.09.2017
At this year's Pharmacy Show, which will be held at the NEC in Birmingham on 8th and 9th October, Willach will exhibit a concept of a modern community pharmacy with a hub-and-spoke solution, the core of which is powered by a CONSIS robotic dispenser with fully automated labelling.

In a hub-and-spoke model, repeat prescriptions from one or many branches will be dispensed using a CONSIS robot in a centrally located pharmacy. The items for each repeat prescription are automatically labelled, dispensed and separated into containers. The prescriptions are then checked and packaged in bags. The already checked and bagged prescriptions are returned to the correct pharmacy daily. The bagged medication can then be stored in FAMA.M/comfort drawers awaiting collection.

In the centrally located pharmacy, the CONSIS robot is not only used to power the hub-and-spoke, it can also be used for the day to day dispensing needs of that pharmacy. The few products unsuitable for or not requiring automation can be stored in our range of FAMA.GX large-capacity drawers.

The hub-and-spoke solution will be driven by a new software package from our PMR partner Positive Solutions. Representatives from the Positive Solutions team will be available at our stand to answer questions about their new PMR software with hub-and-spoke functionality.

The integrated Willach hub-and-spoke solution can reduce operating costs, increase safety through fewer picking errors, increase efficiency and free staff resource to provide additional services. These benefits all have the potential for increased profitability.

CONSIS robotic dispensers and FAMA drawer and shelving systems can also improve the performance and profitability of a stand-alone pharmacy.

To find out how your pharmacy could benefit from automation, it would give us great pleasure to welcome you at Stand PC25.

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