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New hub and spoke robotic dispensing solution for community pharmacies...

Zoetermeer (Netherlands), 14.02.2014
Dutch pharmacies are at the vanguard in Europe as far as profitability and efficient workflow management are concerned. Now a concept has been put into practice in the Netherlands which should also be of interest for the British market: Local Central Filling is a hub and spoke dispensing model for community pharmacies. In this model, several pharmacies in a city team up and prepare repeat prescriptions in a central pharmacy using their own robotic solution. This has a CONSIS robot at its heart, dispensing the medicines by prescription with fully automated labelling. It saves a considerable amount of space and time for each pharmacy, improving efficiency and the potential for greater profitability.

The details of Willach's Local Central Filling solution in the Oosterheem Pharmacy Zoetermeer (Netherlands) including the results, can be seen here in this case study.

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