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Boost efficiency by implementing a Local Filling Solution to manage repeat prescriptions.

Birmingham, 19.08.2016
Independent pharmacies need to protect their future by increasing productivity and reducing costs. A Local Filling Solution gives the best return on investment in automated dispensing technology.

One thing that seems inevitable is that the NHS will go ahead with the 6% in reduction to community pharmacy funding, the question is just when. Another potential threat to independent pharmacy that the Government has already contemplated, is changing medicines legislation to allow hub and spoke dispensing models between companies. Wholesalers are already 'in the starting blocks' and are 'geared up' to deliver pre-prepared prescriptions to community pharmacies, which would further reduce profit margin.

The biggest challenge for independent pharmacy is to stay competitive against the large multiples, who are already running their own hub and spoke systems. To counteract these threats, one of the solutions available to independent pharmacy is streamlining workflow to become more efficient and productive.

So, what can independent pharmacies do? Approximately 80% of items dispensed are on repeat prescriptions. Utilising a CONSIS robot enables all prescriptions to be dispensed faster and more accurately. A Local Filling Solution is smart use of automated dispensing technology to manage repeats. For independent pharmacies with multiple sites, one CONSIS robot installed at a single branch can be used to fulfil repeat prescriptions from all branches, with dispensed items then distributed to the branch chosen by the patient.

Willach is one of the world's leading companies in pharmacy logistics and can provide consultation on how to optimise workflow in your pharmacy. Willach offers CONSIS robots to automate the dispensing process and FAMA drawers/shelves as storage solutions, which maximise use of space within the pharmacy.

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