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Big rush at the Willach booth

Birmingham, 20.10.2015
Maximum efficiency with minimal footprint was this year's claim at The Pharmacy Show at the NEC. On a footprint of just 45 m², Willach Pharmacy Solutions introduced its design for a modern pharmacy concept with a robotic dispenser and fully automated labelling, supported by high stock density shelves and large capacity drawers.

Highly experienced pharmacist Gerry Ogle has worked with a similar space-reduced pharmacy concept for more than three years now. In his speech at the technology hub at The Pharmacy Show on Sunday 18th October, he pointed out that the Willach solution is a very cost-efficient concept whichwould work for most British community pharmacies thinking about a refit.

In a second presentation, Bharat Patel, ex-chairman of the NPA, talked about the history of UK pharmacies, from compounding in the 1940s until the business-driven pharmacy we see today. He emphasised the urgent need to adapt the pharmacy concept to today's requirements. One major consideration in achieving successful modernisation is to optimise available space and workflow in order to improve consultation and offer NHS services.

Gerry Ogle said: "The difference between Willach and other suppliers of robots is that Willach gives pharmacists a complete pharmacy concept and not just the idea of a robot – it means we can see exactly how the changes will benefit staff, customers and the profitability of the business." At the end of the exhibition Willach had recorded almost twice as many visitors as last year, a clear sign that the UK pharmacy market is no longer treading water, but ready to make the improvements needed for real progress.

Willach Pharmacy Solutions is one of the world's leading companies in pharmacy logistics, and gives consultation how to optimise workflow in pharmacies. Willach offers CONSIS robots, which dispense pharmaceuticals automatically, FAMA drawers and shelves which store medicines and repeat prescriptions with greater convenience.

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