Willach Pharmacy Solutions
Fast and highly accurate pouch-packaging inspection system

The CONSIS Pouch Inspector is a standalone inspection machine that scans the packaged pouches, inspects the content of the pouches, compares with the ordered medication and customer details and documents the results for further reference.

  • Extremely fast: Inspects up to 5 pouches per second, which is approximately 18,000 per hour.
  • User-friendly: Intuitive functionality is an important part of our design process.
  • Compact design: Aesthetic design is as important as functionality.
  • Impressively accurate: Up to 98 % of the scans are auto-approved. Only a few percent of the pouches are proposed for visual examination.
  • Self-learning system: Intelligent automatic detection of new tablets, analysis and data integration.
  • Highly sensitive: Using state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date software.

To increase the efficiency of the medication-to-patient process, the optional CONSIS Cut & Roll will separate and roll pouches automatically. The CONSIS Cut & Roll attaches to the CONSIS Pouch Inspector for seamless operation.

  • Efficient: Automatic cutting and rolling, per patient, intake time or location.
  • Fast access, faster manual inspection: Higher pouch-handling speed, no tangled mess of pouch strips and fast access to any suspect pouches.
  • Automatic separation: Automatic separation of suspect and approved pouch rolls (optional).
  • Ready for dispatch: It automatically rolls the strips and makes them ready for dispatch.
  • User-friendly: Elegant, fast and with a low noise level. Automatic and intuitive.