CONSIS® robotic dispensers - Australia's leading automation technology at your fingertips! CONSIS provides a tailor-made and highly efficient automation concept for your dispensary. With CONSIS you will be able to automate up to 90% of your daily dispensed products on a footprint starting at only 2m2 and a storing capacity of up to 9000 packages.
This will give you space to integrate extra work benches, storage rooms and work areas in the dispensary. The compact size of CONSIS allows for integration at the heart of even the smallest dispensary. This will enhance the overall workflow by speeding up your dispensing process and allowing for the incorporation of forward and direct dispensing points in your dispensary.

CONSIS is a highly reliable system. Filling is quick and easy and can be done whilst the robot is dispensing packages. This is one of the key advantages and a crucial feature especially during peak hours. Simple gravity fed chutes deliver packages in 4-7 seconds to up to 8 dispensing points. No costly conveyor belt systems are needed that add complexity and slow down the dispensing process.

A touch-screen facilitates an intuitive, easy and safe restocking process. The CONSIS software interfaces with all major dispensary software. Inventory is easily managed with a variety of unique report functions.

The unique design of CONSIS with glass doors at the front of the machine, enhances the theatre effect of the dispensing process for your customers and allows for high product visibility for your staff at all times.

Coloured panels are optional to match your brand and design.