At Willach we understand the complex pharmacy environment and focus on providing a complete solution that is tailored to suit your individual needs - whether you do 50 or 1000+ scripts a day, we have the right dispensary solution that suits your type, size and budget.

We provide inventive, space-saving and time-saving storage, dispensing and packaging solutions. Our range of CONSIS Dispensing and Dose Systems and FAMA Drawer and Shelving Systems will help you organise everything you stock and dispense as efficiently as possible.

  • CONSIS dispensing systems are Australia's leading automation technology for full pack dispensing. With a range of robot sizes, we can provide a tailor-made and highly efficient automation concept for your dispensary.
  • CONSIS dose systems provide a range of automated options for your DAA packing operation, including state of the art packaging robots that produce the highest quality dose systems for your patients.

  • Forget what you know about ordinary drawers, FAMA drawers are Europe’s leading pharmacy drawer system. No other drawer system offers the compact storage, high capacity and perfect organisation that the patented technology of the FAMA drawers delivers.
  • Developed and engineered specifically for the pharmacy work environment, the FAMA shelving system is designed to maximise your storage space, improve stock management and optimise productivity. A variety of modular components provide flexibility and endle