Profit from a professional and efficient dispensary workflow and design.

As a pharmacist you are facing the challenges of efficient product storage and accessibility everyday. A professional workflow and design is crucial to ensure the efficient and profitable running of your pharmacy.

Our dispensary solutions are specifically designed to help you achieve:
  • A professional, modern and spacious dispensary design
  • An optimal dispensary workflow
  • Increased accuracy levels and the prevention of errors
  • A high level of stock control and improved medication management
  • A relaxed working atmosphere
  • More time to focus on core business and customer advice

Your experience with Willach starts with a visit to our showroom or a visit by our Solution Consultant to your pharmacy premises. We will discuss your needs and ideas for your new dispensary design, show you different sample designs and have you complete our Design Questionnaire.

We will take you through the entire process from project management to implementation and make it as easy and quick as possible for you.
You will benefit from the expertise of our Australian based team of experienced solution consultants, consulting pharmacists, designers and service technicians who will work closely together with you, your architect and shop fitter to ensure a smooth process and successful installation.

The Willach Approach

360 degree analysis of your business requirements

Our Design Questionnaire is filled out and a 360 degree analysis of your current dispensary design and workflow is completed.
How is your dispensary currently organised? How and where do you store medication today? What is your growth potential? What are your fast moving items? What are items that you don't dispense frequently? What works well today? Where are current bottlenecks?

This will give us the key to find the right solution for your needs.

The result of this stage will be a selection of the right products and dispensary solution.

Site Planning and Design
Our in house qualified spatial designers will work with you and our consultants to design and draft a floor plan to suit the specific requirements of your pharmacy.  This complimentary service gives you the opportunity to view the proposed designs as both 2D and 3D concept drawings to gain better understanding of your options.

Preparation & Training
After you have chosen your design, Willach's solutions and training team will prepare you for installation.
Our installation team will liaise with your shop fitter and architect to ensure a smooth process.
Two weeks prior to any CONSIS installation two of your staff members will be flown to Melbourne for one entire day of induction training in our showroom on how to operate the equipment. At the end of the training, they will receive a completion certificate (1 CPE point).

The result of this stage will be well trained staff that are excited to work with new technology in their dispensary environment.

Installation and Go Live
The installation at your site will only take 2-3 days for a CONSIS and only a few hours for any of our FAMA products.
All installations are completed with minor disruption to your pharmacy.
For our CONSIS installations,  a consulting pharmacist will be at your site
on the first day of operation to help answer questions.

The result will be a smooth and successful start.

Aftercare & Support
At Willach we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service from initial consultation through to ongoing support. The 1800-WILLACH Service Line is operated by our local staff and runs 7 days a week to answer any of your queries after installation. This is backed by a highly responsive team should onsite assistance be required, with local service points located in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

As part of our commitment to ensuring you continue to maximise the value from your investment we also run a structured on-going training program for all existing CONSIS clients at our Melbourne training facility – all part of our comprehensive customer care package.