Cutting edge pharmacy solutions.

A professional dispensary workflow and design takes all aspects of medication logistics into consideration, allowing you to provide a high level of patient care. At Willach we focus on providing a complete solution that is tailored to suit your individual needs - whether you do 50 or 1000+ scripts a day, we have the right dispensary solution that suits your type, size and budget. All Willach products are engineered in Germany to the highest international quality standards (ISO 9001 certified).

 Consis robotic dispenser    

CONSIS® robotic dispensers -  Australia's leading automation technology at your fingertips!

CONSIS provides a tailor-made and highly efficient automation concept for your dispensary.
With CONSIS you will be able to automate up to 90% of your daily dispensed products on a footprint starting at only 2m2 and a storing capacity of up to 9000 packages.
This will give you space to integrate extra work benches, storage rooms and work areas in the dispensary. The compact size of CONSIS allows for integration at the heart of even the smallest dispensary. This will enhance the overall workflow by speeding up your dispensing process and allowing for the incorporation of forward and direct dispensing points in your dispensary.

CONSIS is a highly reliable system. Filling is quick and easy and can be done whilst the robot is dispensing packages. This is one of the key advantages and a crucial feature especially during peak hours.

Simple gravity fed chutes deliver packages in 4-7 seconds to up to 8 dispensing points. No costly conveyor belt systems are needed that add complexity and slow down the dispensing process. 

A touch-screen facilitates an intuitive, easy and safe restocking process. The CONSIS software interfaces with all major dispensary software. Inventory is easily managed with a variety of unique report functions.

The unique design of CONSIS with glass doors at the front of the machine, enhances the theatre effect of the dispensing process for your customers and allows for high product visibility for your staff at all times.

Coloured panels are optional to match your brand and design.

 FAMA drawer system

FAMA®.K drawer systems -  no other drawer system will match the quality of FAMA!

Forget what you know about ordinary drawer systems. FAMA has been specially designed for the pharmacy industry and combines ergonomics and functionality with the highest quality and precision. This sets FAMA apart from any other drawer system available on the market.

With FAMA all products in your dispensary are professionally organised and stored densely, dust free and safe.

On a footprint of only 0.44m2, one bay of FAMA full height bay drawers compactly stores up to 2,000 packages and will replace up to 33 linear metres of traditional shelving. FAMA is extremely flexible in size and can be customised to meet your unique medication storage requirements.

The system features many options such as integrated carriage steps, lockable drawers as well as mesh bases to keep your products highly visible and dust-free at all times. 

The unique FAMA divider and labeling system helps improve the accuracy in the restocking and dispensing process. 

Create your individual look in shape and colour!
FAMA vision metal drawer fronts are available in many different colors to match your pharmacy brand and design.

FAMA K drawer system 
 FAMA Roundshelf   FAMA® round shelf - Efficiency within reach!

The FAMA round shelf is the perfect solution to store medication packages which are frequently dispensed, combining high density storage with optimum product visibility and easy access.

The FAMA round shelf
1800 stores up to 6,000 packages, equal to 60 linear metres of traditional shelving. The FAMA round shelf 1200 stores up to 3,000 packages, equal to 40 linear metres of traditional shelving.

The FAMA round shelves have many advantages over other carousels on the market. With FAMA all dividers are made from durable metal.

Due to a patented magnetic mechanism filling is quick and safe and trays do not have to be pulled out to replenish stock. This ensures a convenient refilling process at all times.
 FAMA Worktop and Fastmover Shelves   FAMA® worktop and fast mover shelving systems - Economical and flexible!

FAMA worktop and fast mover shelves are a modular system that can be
easily adapted to your requirements today and for future growth. The system can be easily and economically integrated into your new or existing pharmacy environment. All components including dividers are made of high quality powder coated steel ensuring durability and a great long term investment for your pharmacy.
FAMA® worktop system
With pull out trays on the bottom to store and organise medication and rails with storage baskets at the top, it is the perfect solution for DAA  medication preparation and storage.

An integrated illuminated worktop bench enhances visibility and safety.

® fast mover shelves
The sloping trays of the FAMA fast mover shelves ensure that your products are stored according to the FIFO (first in - first out) principle. One bay easily stores up to 100 products/1,300 packages.